Personal Data Security – Driving Force behind HP and ExpressVPN Partnership

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November 6, 2019

Regarding data security and privacy, there is a constant influx of challenges and risks being faced by this sector as each day passes. The emergence of new technology such as IoT devices, their ability to interconnect with several other personal devices and have access to private and sensitive data is a source of concern for data and security experts, especially at workplaces. This is none other than the fact that there is no assurance of the security these devices possess. Asides from security experts, a survey conducted by McAfee shows that over 40% of people worldwide believe they do not have control over their personal data and about 33.33% of parents and guardians do not know how to explain the risks associated with the internet to their children and wards.

Big Players Too?

In 2018, major institutions such as Panera Bread, the Sacramento Bee, and Facebook suffered data breaches that exposed the personal details of millions of people to the hands of hackers. Usually, these companies can contain the situation before a public outcry ensues but with the rate at which these breaches have been occurring, customers are noticing the effect on them.

As people begin to get familiar with terms such as banking Trojans, crypto-mining and crypto-ransomware, data security and privacy concerns are beginning to skyrocket among people all around the world. Knowing how to stay safe online is pertinent but it is also important for people to know what personal data is and the need to understand data protection.

Understanding Personal Data

Personal data points to all information peculiar to an individual which can also be used to identify the person. Common examples of these are:

  • Birthdate;
  • Credit card information;
  • Email Address;
  • Phone Number and;
  • Social security number.

As technology advances and we begin to move from traditional paper-based information, digital footprint and information such as voice and facial data can also be used to hack access an individual?s security illegally.

Virtually every transaction executed either offline or online involves the submission of some personal data whether it be a product purchase at Argos, a service gotten from Uber or a website purchase online, submitting your information puts your data at daily risk. It is important for everyone to understand the rudiments of data privacy and how they can protect themselves. Laws and policies pertaining to data security apply to companies and how they handle consumer data. These laws are enough to increase the security of consumer information but aren?t a guarantee that they would not get compromised by hackers.

HP?s Security Prowess displayed in their Devices

Security is a major concern for all businesses ? whether small, medium or enterprise-sized and professionals rely on their office devices to protect them from any form of attack.

HP devices, ranging from their software to their computers and print equipment are one of the most popular devices used in office environments around the world and the reason for this is none other than the company?s unwavering stance on cybersecurity. In 2017, HP reported net revenue of 52 billion US Dollars, making it one of the biggest tech companies in the US. Although it is a well-known fact that devices are durable and possess sterling quality, the actual distinction of this company?s devices is its security innovations.

In 2015, HP introduced what it termed to be the World?s Most Secure Printer ? the LaserJet series. This line of printers received a lot of praise for the multifunction device security possessed by the printer series. As reported by HP, the LaserJet printers possess a self-healing security feature that ensures the authentication of device behavior not just at surface level but down to its BIOS. Asides this, new HP printer hardware has the capability to verify their firmware in a bid to prevent hackers from installing low-level malware on it.

Two years after the release of the LaserJet series, HP, in a partnership with Bromium Inc., released Sure Click feature to its latest laptop and desktop computers. Sure, Click is a technology designed to ensure security against web-based issues such as ransomware and malware.

With Sure Click feature enabled, this client security system executes real-time protection for its users against dangerous files, malware, and unsafe websites. This feature works on popular browsers such as HP?s secure browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. This feature engages users once they click any unsafe link and opens such links or files in virtual containers. If any malicious code gets activated in the virtual container, the container gets quarantined and the device continues its normal operation.

ExpressVPN and HP Partnership to ensure Consumer Security

In a bid to continually secure its customers against security issues facing personal data, ExpressVPN and HP are teaming up to provide an exclusive 30-day free trial for HP customers. This service is however exclusive to those who purchase the new HP Spectre x360 13 which will have ExpressVPN preinstalled on the PC. As mentioned by the Chief technologist and vice president of Customer Experience, Personal Systems, Mike Nash, this partnership between HP and ExpressVPN is in a bid to increase the number of security offerings they provide to their consumers.

This partnership corroborates the recent study conducted by GlobalWebIndex which indicates that in August 2019, 30% of internet users made use of VPN while connecting to the internet. Further study indicates that the VPN market is expected to experience a 50% global increase to $36 billion by 2022 from an estimated $23.6 billion in 2019.

From the camp of ExpressVPN, this partnership with HP reflects the indispensable need for VPNs to secure consumers? data and their privacy. Considering this, ExressVPN added that HP isn?t the only major tech brand that has identified the need for VPNs on their devices as ExpressVPN is set to announce a couple more partnerships in the coming months.

With the wake of cyberattacks and data breaches happening all around the world, device makers are beginning to realize the need for VPNs and so are consumers ? especially those who connect to public Wi-Fi as they could be exposing their private data to hackers. As an endnote, if you find yourself looking for a good VPN to use, always remember that you should only trust reputable, paid VPNs as most free ones are known to profit from selling data!

ExpressVPN and HP formed their partnership, and you can have yours setup, too! Reach out to CSB Tech Emporium today, and we can establish our partnership for your next big project!

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