Have a damaged device? CSB Tech will fix it.

If your computer is running slow, crashing, or simply not working, our expert technicians have decades of experience and will troubleshoot and repair it.
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Fix your hardware in one stop.

Whether you are a school, small business, large organization, or government agency, CSB Tech Emporium offers all the repair services that you need for your computer hardware. We also provide service on weekends and evenings by appointment.

Your machine’s in good hands

We specialize in replacing or repairing faulty components, so you can get your computer up and running again.

Computer breakdowns can be difficult. Let us fix yours.

Don't let your computer breakdown stress you. We'll diagnose and fix any problem so you can get back to what you were doing as soon as possible.

Get back to work fast

Our speedy turnaround ensures you're back up and running fast with a guaranteed solution. Start your day right by knowing we'll be there to fix
your computer with our quick turnaround.

We can help.

Hardware Repair
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