A Mobile-First Web Development Agency

May 10, 2019

Specializing in Mobile Apps,?Games, and Stunning, Responsive,?Websites.

CSB Tech Emporium is a mobile-first web development agency, primarily focused on creating mobile applications, games, and interactive AR\VR experiences. We also build and deploy, stunning responsive websites.

Learn more about CSB Tech Emporium, and find out what makes us tick!

Conville Stephan Brown is the founder and CEO of CSB Tech Emporium. In 2012, He graduated from the College of The Bahamas with a bachelor?s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS): Applications Programming.

The Bachelor of Computer Information Systems is an undergraduate degree focused on the practical application of technology in?supporting and adding value to organizations. This covers a broad range of subjects including communications, business, networking, software design, and mathematics.

Upon graduation, he began working as a Junior Systems Administrator, at The Medical Pavilion Bahamas:

Jr. System Administrators primarily are responsible for maintaining the day to day operations an organization?s computer network, managing servers, performing installations and upgrades, and conducting backups. The role varies across organizations, as needs arise, and may include providing end-user support, provisioning new hires with equipment and network access, maintenance of business applications, and co-operation with database programmers, analysts and\or other systems administrators.

In June 2014, Stephan was admitted into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in IT Management through the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Their virtual classroom enabled him to continue working at home while advancing pursuing an MBA. He completed his degree in June 2016.

Throughout those years, as part of his graduate studies, Stephan began seriously exploring the business landscape within The Bahamas tech ecosystem.

Mobile-First Web Development

Informed by local industry insiders of The Bahamas need for a standard in quality mobile app development, the CSB Team persevered through numerous obstacles to become a business that that people desire to be associated with.

CSB Tech has developed and successfully launched:

Several mobile apps (for both Android & iOS):

Websites for a variety of firms:

Tech meets CSB5

If you?ve been over to?Meet the Crew, you may have noticed that there are a few of us here with the initials CSB. Stephan?s Brother, Corey S. Brown, works as our Legal Counsel, and his sister Chelsea S. Brown is our Social Media Manager.

That?s not all!

The trio?s parents share the same initials, making them CSB5.

Technology Hub Bahamas – Blockchain Islands

CSB Tech Emporium is based in Nassau, Bahamas. When thinking of these tropical islands, just off the Florida coast, their tech culture may not always have been the first thing that comes to mind. That, however, is rapidly changing.

Over the past few years, The Bahamas have been positioning themselves as having a welcoming culture for startups and innovators. Like many island nations, the Bahamas sees that the promise in embracing digital tools. Having a smaller infrastructure can also accelerate their transformation effect.

While the digital transformation of the Bahamas has come into focus over the last few years, it?s certainly not new to CSB Tech Emporium.

Having deep roots in technology, CSB Tech Emporium is poised to be a leader in the burgeoning tech transformation across the Caribbean.

Code With Me

CSB understands that for The Bahamas to undergo its digital transformation, it’s crucial to begin with the youth.?

Our first term of CODE WITH ME, met on Saturdays at Incudesk from February 2, through May 4, 2019.

It is a bright future indeed, where the youth grow up learning how to code, and become mature programmers as they are approaching adulthood.

Digital skills are enormously empowering, and this coming generation has the potential to set new standards in development, and create technologies that haven’t yet been conceived, for guarding the rights of the individual, and enriching the lives around us.

A Mobile-First Web-Development Firm

…committed, first and foremost, to being the premiere mobile app and game development agency?in the Bahamas.

However, our interest in tech goes deeper than any particular application. our interests are broad, and wherever the cutting edge of technology is to be found, you’ll find us there, as well.

Besides mobile app and web development, we are most immediately interested in AR/VR (augmented and/or virtual reality), Saas (software as a service), IoT (internet of things), and high-end game development.

The CSB Tech Blog

We?re passionate about web-technologies!

With the powers of open-source technology and the world wide web, individuals across the globe are empowered to advance professionally, serve our communities, directly interact with global citizens, and impact the world.

The difficulty in the modern world is not in finding interesting subjects to learn, but in finding quality sources of concise information on the subject. The web has become over-run with vacuous click-bait, and advertisements posing as news. When learning a new subject, it is required to review dozens of sources to extract the required value.

As tech professionals, while we?re busy?building?the web, it?s important to have help?digesting?the vast repository of knowledge it has made widely accessible.

That?s where the CSB Tech Blog comes in.

Digesting the Web

@infominer has been helping with that matter for the past year, and we aim to introduce fresh talent, as well.

The web needs more people devoted to studying, curating, and concisely presenting the best quality resources and information on any given subject.

As business owners, we must nurture those qualities in our bloggers by spending a little more and posting less-frequent, higher-quality, information-dense content.

Given enough time, and support from the firms that hire them, independent web-researchers (aka web-workers) can produce content with informative value competitive with top data silos dominating the information market, today.

Incidentally, those thoughts are perfectly in line with the latest developments in the Google search algorithm. Moreover, while people may enjoy ?instant? content, that can be consumed in a moment and on to the next, what they link to is long-form educational content.

That?s a standard we seek to keep and promote, publishing guides, resources, and informative content. Incidentally, due to recent changes in?Google?s search algorithm, spammy techniques have fallen by the wayside, and only high-quality content will rise through the search rankings.

Digital Transformation

It doesn?t matter where you live, or where you come from, we all must be active participants in the digital transformation or get left behind.

The CSB Tech Blog has only just begun to explore this topic. Digital transformation is an industry buzz-word used to describe the process of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to avoid disruption.

At the same time as the internet enables the disruption of traditional business practices, it also empowers individuals across the globe to enter the global market.

Recently we learned about how the use of digital tools is a leading indicator of growth for?Small Business in the Digital Age.

While there are too many?types of computer programming to track, you aren?t required to learn coding to succeed in a digital world. Today, there are an incredible number of free web applications available for everything from analytics to content creation.

After discussing the fundamentals of keyword research, we review the broad strokes in SEO Simplified, with abundant tools and resources to help you along the way.

Long-form educational content is at the heart of SEO best practices, and essential to thriving in the digital age. We strive to keep that standard and hope you?ll reach out in the comments with any corrections and\or additional information.

Mobile App and Game Development

If you?re looking to create or expand your web-presence, mobile users are a massive and growing user-base, you can?t afford to ignore. For many, our mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves. They provide instant access to the world and help us to keep track of important personal data, and relationships.

At CSB Tech Emporium, We?re not only committed to?deploying mobile experiences of the highest quality, we?re cultivating a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

Website Development

Web-browsers are designed to recognize and interpret HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Having a fundamental understanding of these languages is essential for any web developer.

However, most websites today are built with various frameworks and themes, which supply a re-usable codebase as a foundation to assist in the process of publishing a stunning website.

WordPress simply can?t be ignored, its open source content management and publishing platform is so popular that its nearly become an industry standard.

However, Python frameworks such as Django or Drupal are growing in popularity and may become competitive with WordPress in the future.

Such websites as created with WordPress and Django are run on back-end databases, generating content on-demand, as the user accesses it.

Augmented Reality \ Virtual Reality

The potential applications of AR and VR are limitless. But let?s get real, most of us are eager for the day to come that we can experience a fully immersive virtual world that captures each of our senses.

We recently released?Cameo Tunes?a mobile app that allows you to get virtually dressed up while jamming along with the music.

Augmented and Virtual reality are still young technologies with plenty of room for growth. In years to come, development and hardware will continue to improve, and before you know it, the landscape will be overflowing with augmented and immersive virtual experiences.

We don?t just want to be there when it happens but want to actively engage in the evolution of VR.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

The rise of Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and led to revolutions throughout the tech-world and the Enterprise. While CSB Tech Emporium isn?t directly involved in anything to do with?blockchain or cryptocurrency, we are very interested in their development, which is why we originally contacted @infominer.

Being his most passionate interest, he’s written on topics quite extensively, in an introductory fashion. Subjects including where to buy cryptocurrency, best practices around?wallets and backups, how to?become a blockchain developer, earning?passive income with cryptocurrency, and?crypto-asset classifications. We?ve even reviewed the debates between?public vs. private blockchain, and between the top privacy focused cryptocurrencies Monero vs. Zcash.

If you’re just beginning to learn about blockchain, you’ll want to start with: Bitcoin Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

Premier Mobile App and Game Development – Nassau Bahamas

So by now you’ve figured out that we are truly passionate about technology. It is intriguing to discover the latest advances in quantum computing, and baffling to learn how deep learning and neural networks tell Netflix which movies we’d prefer to watch.

Beyond all the marvels of the digital age, we’re concerned with practical application.

How can we use these digital tools to grow our businesses, contribute to our communities and connect with those having complimentary interests?

That’s of primary importance.

We are here for all of your tech tech needs:

Mobile Apps, Games, AR\VR, Stunning Responsive Websites, and Custom Software Should the Need Arise.

How can CSB Tech Emporium best serve You?

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