Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

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December 7, 2022

Did you know that consumers downloaded apps more than 100 billion times in 2021, which is expected to reach 200 billion by 2025? That might be one of the reasons you are starting to think of building a mobile app for your business. 

But the truth is that not all businesses need a mobile app. There are specific reasons to build an app, but those reasons don’t apply to all businesses. Keep reading to find out how you can know if your business needs to start developing a mobile app or not. 

Don’t Let FOMO Guide You, but Numbers

Are you only thinking about developing a mobile app because your competitors have it, but you don’t have a genuine business reason for it? Or maybe you feel like everyone in the business world has an app, so your business must also have it. 

This is one of the worst reasons to build an app, and many bad ones are out there. 

If you believe that having a mobile app will result in increased customer engagement or improve your customer’s brand experience with you, that is a great reason to start working on a mobile app. Some other reasons could be that the app could increase brand loyalty and add value to your customers in various ways.

A mobile app is also a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. And one reason that’s not very well known is that a mobile app can help your internal staff work better. How?

Well, if your staff isn’t busy helping the customers who are helping themselves using the app, they can focus on other, more critical tasks. It also results in less time spent by your staff entering customer information since all information from the app is synced across all your other business software. 

Developing a Mobile App Can Be Expensive

If you are going to spend all that time building a mobile app, you will want to build a high-end one. There’s no point otherwise.

But spending more time and effort building a high-end mobile app can get quite expensive fast. So if you are a new startup or a business with a smaller budget, you need to consider whether spending a big chunk of your revenue on building a mobile app is worth it.

In some cases, your answer will be a resounding yes. So then go for it.

But if you are sure a mobile app is necessary to get at your customers, stall and think of other cheaper ways to attract customers. 

Does Your Mobile Website Not Cut It Anymore?

Everyone and their grandmothers have cell phones nowadays. And they are using it to download apps at a rapid rate. 

You probably have researched your customer habits and know they are all about the apps. If that’s the case, your mobile website will no longer cut it. 

What are you waiting for if your customers ask for an app to interact with your business rather than just a website? Give your customers what they want by developing a mobile app that serves them better. 

This doesn’t mean that you forget about your mobile site completely. But it means you need a mobile app to enhance your customer’s overall experience with your brand. 

Can You Generate More Revenue Through a Mobile App?

One of the main advantages of mobile apps is that they are revenue-making machines. If you can get your customers on your app and engage with it, they will likely make one or more purchases there.

And if you are spending time enticing them to download the app, you had better have some solid offerings on there that can bring revenue into your business. 

That’s one of the main reasons to build an app – you can increase your revenue. So even if it seems like the upfront investment into creating a mobile app is high, you could probably pay it off within a few years or even months, depending on how much revenue you garner from your app-loving customers. 

Align Business Goals With the Benefits of Mobile Apps

When wondering about a mobile app for your business, the primary thing to focus on is whether it aligns with your overall business goals. Whatever direction your business wants to move towards, if a mobile app can help you get there faster, that’s that. Don’t wait and develop a mobile app right now.

But if you are trying to squeeze the mobile app into your business goals and it still doesn’t fit, then you need to rethink the app and focus on more essential sales and marketing tactics. 

Don’t mistakenly think that building a mobile app will improve your SEO rankings on Google. No matter how good of an experience the user has on your app, that won’t translate into more views on your mobile website. They are separate and should be looked at that way. 

Mobile App for Your Business – Are You Ready to Build One?

After asking all the questions above, you will have a clear answer as to whether your business needs a mobile app. If the answer is yes, and you are ready to start developing a mobile app for your business, contact CSB Tech today. 

We are experts at web development, mobile app development, software development, mobile game development, and more. We will make developing a mobile app for your business seamless and headache free. 

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